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Dear Friends,In my website, I want to add the option to let the visitor resize the font size of the article he is reading, I want to add + and - button,the article is in div "body-content", it contains 2 titles, a date the text and the e-mail, ( h1, h2, h3, h4, h5)<div class="body-content"> <h1>$title1</h1> <h2>$title2</h2> <h5>$date</h5> <h3>$text</h3> <h4><a href="mailto:$email">$email</a></h4> </div> I want that when the user clicks on + to increase the font size of all the content of the Div body-content and same for -, it decrease it.is there a javascript function to do that, please need help...Best Regards,Suzie...

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