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I have downloaded and am trying to get photo slider to work but have been unsuccessful so far. This is what I have and am puzzled as to why it is not working as it is what they have in the example.

<script type="text/javascript">  $(document).ready(function(){  	//change the 'baseURL' to reflect the host and or path to your images  	FOTO.Slider.baseURL = 'http://himeshs.co.uk/Communicate/images/phoneimages/';    	//set images by filling our bucket directly  	FOTO.Slider.bucket = {  		'default': {  			0: {'thumb': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['thumb1']; ?>', 'main': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['image4']; ?>'),  			1: {'thumb': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['thumb2']; ?>', 'main': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['image4']; ?>'},  			2: {'thumb': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['thumb3']; ?>', 'main': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['image4']; ?>'),  			3: {'thumb': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['thumb4']; ?>', 'main': '<?php echo $row_viewproduct['image4']; ?>'}  		}  	};  });  </script> <script type="text/javascript">    	$(document).ready(function(){  		FOTO.Slider.reload('default');  	});  </script>

When I go to the debugger, it retrieves the image names fine but is unable to show them onscreen can anybody shed some light on this? Thanks

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