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Sql Query

How to insert an image into the table?  

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  1. 1. How to insert an image into the table?

    • Tell me how to insert teh images into the tables.
    • what is the data type and what is the query to do it?

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vBulletin manages to store images and many other files via SQL. I think there are PHP functions which build and unbuild image files into their binary code for database storage. It gives faster access times compared to webspace-based images.

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whoa, really? That's pretty cool... I woulda thought that browsers need an absolute path for all images that it displays.EDIT:indeed you can, but it would hurt the server processing time and is unnecessary. http://news.postnuke.com/index.php?name=Ne...3&theme=Printer

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I mean, I want to maintain a database for my friends. I want to store their details along with their photos. How is it possible to do that? I want to store the photos and retrieve them through some fornt-end application like VB, VB.NET, JSP. Can anybody help me?

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Of course you can store images (sounds, flash animation,...) into an Access or an SQL database, but it's really huge and it could be dangerous for the stability of your database. If you still want to do it, you have to options:- insert your images manually in a OLE OBJECT field of your database.- insert them dynamicly in your data base using some inserts or updates statments and an asp or a php function to first decode your image in their binary code.But, as it was mentionned before, the best way would be to store the path of your images in your database and to put your images on your server. That would be my choice.Happy programing :) Jerome

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