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Mixed Content and defining datatype

Guest Kosh

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Is it possible to define a datatype for the character text between the subelements of an element defined as mixed-content? In the example below I want to define that "Your order of" is of datatype "something".http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-0/#mixedContentI've found this, does it mean that I cannot derive datatypes either, only "complex" is allowed?"W3C XML Schema specification defines many different built-in datatypes. These datatypes can be used to constrain the values of attributes or elements which contain only simple content. These datatypes are not available for constraining data in mixed content. "

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Just a thought -What happens if you don't define a constraint for the element within the schema?A constraint is exactly that - it is designed to ensure that data is of a fixed type.If there is no constraint does that mean that the data can be any type?Let me know if that helps (I'm not as advanced as I may look).Dooberry.

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