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sql not returning a recordset despite there being records


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hi again,here is the sql string i am attempting to run:

SELECT 	5_suppliers.text_ContactFirstName,	5_suppliers.text_ContactSurname,	5_suppliers.text_SupplierName,	5_suppliers.`text_ContactE-mail`,	5_suppliers.bigint_CurrentBalance,	5_suppliers.bigint_ContactTel,	5_suppliers.text_SupplierAddress,	5_suppliers.bigint_SupplierID,	5_suppliers.text_GoogleMapsURL,	5_suppliers.text_VTigerData FROM 5_suppliers LEFT JOIN (	4_servicesuppliers) ON (	4_servicesuppliers.bigint_SupplierID = 5_suppliers.bigint_SupplierID) WHERE 	5_suppliers.smallint_SupplierStatus = 0 AND 	4_servicesuppliers.bigint_ServiceID = 1 AND 	4_servicesuppliers.bigint_RegionID = 41;

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