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Flash and mp4


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Hello allI have a question about flash(player) and mp4.I have a website with a flash slideshow,now its set up to just use a swf file.Works good however i got a big problem and that is,i need to use html5 instead of just the swf file.Why do i need to do this? I want my flash content to be watchable on a iphone and ipad with no flash installed.I was thinking of 2 video files 1 swf and 1 mp4,with flash as main player but if flash is not supported on the device a script fallback to run the mp4 file instead of the swf file. Or maybe 1 mp4 file to run via flash player aswell?My knowledge on this part is little and maybe some of you guys have a simple solution to what i want.I have a html file now that just run the swf file and it is working.If i have provided too little info i can add my html file so you can see the codes/scrips yourself.Regards Sensi

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