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Require XSD file for the follwwing xml

Guest navin

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Guest navin

Hi I need an valid xsd for the below xml file .can any one please help me .. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><Menu_Entries xmlns="http://i.com/my/me_xml"> <Menu_Category name="Development"> <menu-sequence>Projects</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>Library</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>LibraryOld</menu-sequence> </Menu_Category> <Menu_Category name="Reports"> <menu-sequence>Mindtree</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>Works</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>Oracle</menu-sequence> </Menu_Category> <Menu_Category name="Strategy"> <menu-sequence>Systems</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence> LC</menu-sequence> </Menu_Category> <Menu_Category name="Service"> <menu-sequence>Admin</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>FW</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>Miss</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>File</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>Manager</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>O Errors</menu-sequence> </Menu_Category> <Menu_Category name="Help"> <menu-sequence>yy</menu-sequence> <menu-sequence>xx</menu-sequence> </Menu_Category></Menu_Entries>Thanks in Advance pavan

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