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why would xml be output with wrong data despite the php having the correct field names?


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hi there,the php code that generates this line is

echo "		<suppliergooglemapsurl>" . xmlentities( ((strlen($row["text_GoogleMapsURL"]))?$row["text_GoogleMapsURL"]:" ") ) . "</suppliergooglemapsurl>\n";

and the xml returned is


yet in when viewed in PMA, the value is


it's printing the text_VTigerData instead of text_GoogleMapsURL database fields... 0overy puzzling this phenomenon, to say the least... any ideas?

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PMA = phpMyAdminSounds like a case of you assuming the data is something other than what it is. If you tell it to print the text_GoogleMapsURL field, and it prints "http://www.canopyxchange.za.net/andycab/;roadrunner_cpt;amGKEa75CF241s4tPAUSED",'>http://www.canopyxchange.za.net/andycab/;roadrunner_cpt;amGKEa75CF241s4tPAUSED", then the simple answer is because "http://www.canopyxchange.za.net/andycab/;roadrunner_cpt;amGKEa75CF241s4tPAUSED" is in the text_GoogleMapsURL field.

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