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Are any of you familiar with using HTML on Neopets?

Guest Wizzy

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Guest Wizzy

There are a lot of restrictions on the things you can do when coding on Neopets. Currently, I'm trying to code a new lookup for myself, which I'm working on here: http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=plushmoofinI'm not worried about the aesthetics right now, but I've been attempting to get a particular sort of lookup that I've seen done once before but can't seem to recreate.Alright, so what I'm basically going for is to have a sort of blog like thing going on. If you click on the links above the text area (try clicking on the link titled, "First" to see what I mean), what shows in the text area will change to show either text or my stats. (the area below that says, "User Info")To see what I mean, please click the, "Example for W3Schools" link.I know that this can be accomplished using page anchors. My only problem is that I cannot figure out how to make the page link to my stats in the way I want it to, which is for my stats to be hidden when viewing any other section aside from "stats". I can link to my stats using page anchors and direct the viewer towards them, however I cannot get them to be completely hidden from view, which makes the whole layout just not work.Does anyone have any suggestions? This is what I have down so far.Now remember, Neopets has a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot do coding-wise.

 <style>//#fix{}#container{width:700px;height:700px;overflow:hidden;}#box{width:700px;height:700px;overflow:auto;}</style /><a href="#zero">zero</a> <a href="#first">first</a><a href="#second">second</a><a href="#stats">third</a><a href="#w3schools">Example For W3Schools</a><div id="container"><a name="zero"></a><div id="box">testestestestestestest</div><a name="first"></a><div id="box">differentdifferentdifferentdifferent</div><a name="w3schools"></a><div id="box"><img src="http://i697.photobucket.com/albums/vv331/Lollipopsicle/w3schoolsexample.png"></div><a name="second"></a><div id="#userinfo">user info</div></style><div id="stats" align="center"><a name="stats"></a><table><td><style>#userneopets img, #userneohome img{width:140px;height:140px;}#main, .content, #content{background:none;border:none;}.contentModuleHeader, .contentModuleHeaderAlt{color:#30673B;background-color:#63924E;}.contentModuleContent{border:none;background-color:#FFFFFF;}.contentModuleTable{border:none;background-color:#FFFFFF;padding:2px;}.contentModule{border:1px solid #7F9970;background-color:#FFFFFF;}#text{width:250px;height:100px;position:absolute;left:150px;top:225px;border:none;overflow:auto;}#stats{width:800px;height:278px;position:absolute;left:122px;top:550px;overflow:auto;}</div>

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