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[Solved] styling forms


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I've been looking at other sites for form designs and found a few I liked, but when I went to tweak them a little I couldn't get where I wanted so I decided to start from scratch. My main problem is, I want to do a form without doing each line in an unordered list, which looking around is all i found how to do them aligned. I'm hoping i can do it with floating and clearing my labels.like<label>blah</label><input ...>with each label and it's respective input/textarea on its own line.it's just everywhere i look there nested in lists, that would mess with one of my javascript functions, besides it's more coding I'd rather not do. I've messed with floating and clearing, and haven't gotten them looking right.EDIT: Nevermind, I got it, I guess i didn't play enough with the floating and clearing, sorry.

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