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buttons not responding

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I have 5 thumbnail buttons, in a photo gallery styled page. this is the code I am using to link to the corresponding photos.on(release) {photosMC.gotoAndPlay("img1");}this code is placed on each button but with the relevant instance name.all my setting have been changed to AS 2.0I have been reading around on several forums and can't seem to crack it!I am sure it is something simple, but i am new.PLEASE HELP ME.cheersbex :)

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set up frames labels with on the main timeline. name frame label1 "pic 1" frame label 2 " pic 2 " and until you have named all five frame labels then type btn1.onPress = function(){gotoAndStop("pic1");}btn2.onPress = function(){gotoAndStop(pic2)}btn3.onPress = function(){gotoAndStop(pic3);}btn4.onPress = function(){gotoAndStop(pic4);}btn5.onPress = function(){gotoAndStop(pic5);}ok hope that helps

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