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Thanks justsomeguy, really appreciate the help.I attempted Javascript but i need some ASP related elements within my cookies so i've gone back to ASP again.Is it possible to have a variable property as a name for a cookie? My problem is that i need cookies to hold different numbers, numbers of which i will not know, and of which there may be more than one of (Hence storing another number in another cookie so it is easy to retrieve). The code below works great the first time, the second time there is a problem though, and it's most likely from the line where (NumItems) doesn't have " around it because it's the name of a variable.

<%dim NumItemsdim POIDPOID = request.querystring("poid")if( Response.Cookies.Count > 0 ) Then	NumItems = Request.Cookies("Amount")	NumItems = NumItems + 1	Response.Cookies("Amount") = NumItems	Response.Cookies(NumItems)("Item") = POIDelse	Response.Cookies("Amount") = 1End if%>...

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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