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AS3 - Object Container... or something like that.

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I have a bitmap loaded from an external source (a website). This bitmap is loaded in a class, and, when I use it in a frame, I can add it to the stage by using addChild(). This works if I just use this.addChild().However, for certain bitmaps, I've wanted to "group" them together so that I can delete that group all at once. I'd assume I'd need some sort of "container" to do this, though I'm not quite sure how to go about this.I've tried creating a blank movieclip, then using movieClip.addChild(bitmap), though this doesn't seem to work. I'm somewhat new to AS3, so ya. : PAnyway, to sum it up, I want to create some sort of container and use addChild() to add bitmaps to that container, so that later on in the code, I may delete all of the bitmaps that are inside of that container.Help would be much appreciated.

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