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Encoded characters in meta tags


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Can I do this without messing anything up? The particular character in question is an apostrophe.I have:

<meta name='keywords' content='Martin's etc, etc...>


<meta name='description' content='A place ... about Martins's'>

Should any instance of a " ' " be encoded as


or something else?Thanks,- KNEVERMIND: Any time I type in an encoded character here, it just renders the character instead of the syntax, but it's all good. Thanks anyways.

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I think you might (I'm not 100% sure) be able to get away with doing it with double quotes like this:<meta name='keywords' content="Martin's etc, etc...">
I think so. Always used double quotes and not come across with any problems with using single quotes inside them.
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Awesome. Thanks guys. I'll roll with the double quotes. I don't really want to be typing in/copy-pasting the encoded characters text when I could be using keys on my keyboard.

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