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spry dataset issue


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is there anyway to organize numerically a spry data set that is pulling from an xml file in this formathighest30000-500001000-3000200-50010-100lowesthere's the code i have i'm getting it to descend properly but its only recognizing the first digitstop code<script type="text/javascript"><!--var catalog = new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("Rambod_catalog.xml", "FMPDSORESULT/ROW", {sortOnLoad: "price_range", sortOrderOnLoad: "descending"});catalog.setColumnType("Item_Code_Number", "number");function filterCat(dataSet, row, rowNumber) { var x = "Art"; if (row["Category"] == x) { return row; } else { return null; } };catalog.filter(filterCat);//--></script>body code <div id="text"> <div spry:region="catalog" class="SpryHiddenRegion SpotlightAndStacked"> <div spry:repeat="catalog" class="SpotlightAndStackedRow"> <div class="SpotlightContainer"> <div class="SpotlightColumn"><a href="Images/thumbs/{Picture_File}" rel="lytebox[{Category}]" title="{Headline}"><img src="Images/inventory/{Picture_File}" /></a></div> </div> <div class="StackedContainer"> <div id="topRow"> <div id="name" class="StackedColumn">{Item_Last_Name}, {Item_First_Name}</div> <div id="itemnum" class="StackedColumn"> Item#: {Item_Code_Number}</div> <div id="price" class="StackedColumn"> Retail Price: {Retail_Price}</div> </div> <div id="head" class="StackedColumn">{Headline}</div> <div id="desc" class="StackedColumn">{Complete_Description}</div> </div> <br style="clear:both; line-height: 0px;" /> </div> </div> </div> </div></div></div>thanks!

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