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Outputting to single 8.5x11 PDF?


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(BTW I've posted a variation on this post to the CSS forum)Hey guys (and gals):ExWebDev here. Had 10 years in the biz but March 2001 wasn't kind. I now work in the mortgage industry but still dabble. Ok, enough about me... call me a two-time newbie.I have a small project where I want to allow users to print out a real estate flyer that's been created by data supplied by form field information entered by user. I've written the basic application using HTML and PHP so a pop-up window displays the complete "custom" flyer in a web browser window.My goal: Allow my users to print out the dynamically generated flyer on their printer... on a *single* piece of 8.5x11 paper. I know that there are PDF generation libraries available for PHP but I'm a bit mystified if it's possible to specify page dimensions in terms of inches and/or limit output to a single page (i.e. the Windows scale-to-fit concept).Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,David

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