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I'm looking for reference books for web design.I'm thinking definitely a php/mysql bookmaybe just a css referenceand a JavaScript bookI have two books already, both something like web wizards guide or something for php and html (both were about 1/2 inch thick. The html one was descent, but it didn't really delve into things, and the php was horrible, I can say I didn't learn/remember anything from that book.but back to the original question, can anyone recommend a good book that covers php, and possibly mysql together (i'm looking for total php, not just mysql related php, so perhaps separate books would be better)-examples are great,-reference section would be nice-easy to follow, but doesn't skimp on details, and covers most everything (I'm a beginner but I don't want a beginner book and have to get an advanced book later onto give a little background, I'm handcoding my site, I don't like depending on something like dreamweaver or a wysiwyg editor, I like understanding the code I've arrived at.I go to New York City on the weekends for a farmer's market and there's a Barnes And Noble near there where I can get it. For now, I'm interested in only the php and mysql, I don't plan on using javascript very much at all and that can wait, and the css, I've got a pretty good grip on already, besides w3schools is great for that.

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