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Hey there.Ok so i ran into this problem and i cant seem to find anything related on the forum search, so i was hoping someone could help me out.I want to have text in different sizes but under the same CSS rule for background color and hover effect etc. - i thought i could just use a span on the different links, but i quickly found out that using a span wouldnt change the background hoover effect size so it didnt work when i hoovered. What else can i do if i want a lot of links in same text, but those links is having different sizes, but should still all do same effects when hoovered? AND how can i have multiple links in same text, but different size on the links? any smart way to do this?i hope you understand my problem, even though english is not my native spoken language!thxEDIT:here is a picture of what i want to acchief when finished:skrmbillede20100707kl20.png

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use multiple classes for your links like this:
<a href="#" class="links size">some link</a>

your links class can set the background color and you can have several different classes relating to size.

ahh ofcourse lol... man sometimes u cant see the woods for just trees!! :) thx man
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