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I have a simple audio button I am trying to get working for my website however I am totally stuck on how to attach the sound to it. below is what I got:

but_musicon (release) {	gotoAndPlay(2);}on (release) {	_root.soundstatus = "off";}on (release) {	_root.d01.gotoAndStop(1);	_root.d02.gotoAndStop(1);}___________________________but_music[indent][indent]on (release) {	gotoAndPlay (1);}on (release) {	_root.soundstatus = "on";}on (release) {	_root.d01.gotoAndPlay (1);	_root.d02.gotoAndPlay (1);}[/indent][/indent]

The sound files name is "Chillout" and I'm just not good with Actionscript... so please help if you can.

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