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<cfselect> create variable on double click.

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Hi all, I'm trying to use a cfselect list box to display a list of items that the double click event will create a variable comprised of the domain, the user name and the file name of the selected item.does anyone have insight on this?FileURL is a cold fusion variable I have defined within my webpage which on-load, point to the most recently modified file.</cfform> <cfselect class="fetchSeries" name="jumpBox" size="5" id="jump2" ondblclick="document.getElementById(jump2).value =document.getElementById().value" multiple> <cfoutput query="FileListJSON"> <CFIF len(FileListJSON.Name) LE 4> <cffile action = "copy" source = "#PathJSON##FileListJSON.Name#" destination = "#PathJSON#NoName.json"> <cffile action = "delete" file = "#PathJSON##FileListJSON.Name#"> <CFELSE> <cfset FileToGraph = LEFT(FileListJSON.Name, len(FileListJSON.Name) - 4)> <option value="#FileToGraph#">#FileListJSON.Name#</option> </CFIF> </cfoutput> </cfselect></cfform>

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Can you describe what is or is not happening? Is your javascript not firing off? If you hard code values in the select code will the desired functionality execute - in other words, have you build this with static/hard-coded information first, to confirm the functionality works?Often times I find it very helpful to build functionality with hard coded values. This, in essence, proves the methodology or approach works. Then, I substitute the ColdFusion logic that makes the functionality dynamic. Taking that approach, especially when I'm learning new technologies (like ajax for instance) enables me to quickly deteremine whether or not its the functionality that fails or my effort to introduce ColdFusion (a dynamic state).

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