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Possible iframe question

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Hello,I'm a student currently working for a university as a web development assistant. One of the departments on campus wants to pull the threat level from the department of homeland security (DHS) into their website. I had hoped that there would be a widget through the DHS website, but there is not. We cannot legally use any of the widgets through other websites as everything needs to be official.My question is this: Is there a way that I can use an iframe, or other sort of include type element to pull in a single <div> from their website? If somebody could even point me in a direction that might work, it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

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If you have access to PHP, you can load the document as a DOM Document. This will allow you to use DOM methods on it, rather than searching through it like a string. If you have a fixed attribute to identify the <div> by (hopefully an id), then getting the node content will be easy easy easy. You would then write that content into your own document before serving it.

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