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problem with _ymouse

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hello there,i m having a problem with my task. I have created a flash file with a movie clip called box_mc and made it dragable with this code"box_mc.startDrag("true");" without quatation mark.furthurly i want this movie clip to hide when cursor is reached lower of 200 by y axis and higher of 400 by y axis.for that i have created this code lines.if(_root._ymouse<=200 || _root._ymouse>=400){_root.box_mc._visible = false;}but it is not working so please someone tell me what is the wrong with this code please help me

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Hi!Try This Code:
if (_root._ymouse <= 200 || _root._ymouse >= 400){	_root.box_mc._alpha = 0;}else{	_root.box_mc._alpha = 100;}

thank you friend for this suggestion but this is alternate option and unfortunatily this is also not working.
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Hi!Your Most Welcome My Friend...But! I've Tested This Code Before Submitting Here...Check Your Code, There Is Something Wrong...Or Share Ur Code If U Want...
ok give me your email adress so that i send u my fla file with atachment.thank you,
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