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Newbies and XML video players. Please help.

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Hi,I have built an XML video player based on a tutorial from the republicofcode.com site. Each thumbnail has a title that loads undernieth it, but I also want to have that same title load in a bar above the thumbnails and videos to show the current title of the video being played. For example if I click on the "video 1" thumbnail, "video 1" displays in the blue bar across the top. Here is a link to a test example. myVideoPlayerHere is my code. You'll notice that I've given it a stab, but not sure what do now. If anyone can help I would be really, really grateful.

package myVideoPlayer{		import flash.display.*;	import flash.text.*;	import flash.events.*;	import flash.net.URLLoader;	import flash.net.URLRequest;	import flash.net.navigateToURL;	import flash.xml.*;	import fl.video.*;		import com.google.analytics.AnalyticsTracker;  	import com.google.analytics.GATracker;	  		public class MyVideoPlayer_Scaredy extends Sprite{						private var thumb_width:Number;		private var thumb_height:Number;		private var thumbs_x:Number;		private var thumbs_y:Number;				private var covers_width:Number;		private var covers_height:Number;		private var covers_x:Number;		private var covers_y:Number;						private var video_x:Number;		private var video_y:Number;		private var my_videos:XMLList;		private var myXML:XML;		private var my_total:Number;		private var main_container:Sprite;				private var thumbs:Sprite;		private var titles:Sprite;		private var header:Sprite;		private var cover:Sprite;		private var my_player:FLVPlayback;		private var i:Number;		private var header_txt:TextField;		private var link_txt:TextField;		private var myFormat:TextFormat;		private var buyBkFmt:TextFormat;				private var tracker:AnalyticsTracker;		private var mySelection:String;				public function MyVideoPlayer_Scaredy(){						trace("Yay!!");			var myXMLLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();			myXMLLoader.load(new URLRequest("videoPlaylist.xml"));			myXMLLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, processXML);									buyLink.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickBuy);			buyLink.buttonMode = true;						myLogoLink.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, linkToSrsPg);			myLogoLink.buttonMode = true;			var tracker:AnalyticsTracker = new GATracker( this, "UA-4609680-1", "AS3", false );  			 		}						function processXML(e:Event):void {					 	var myXML:XML = new XML(e.target.data);			thumb_width = myXML.@THUMB_WIDTH;			thumb_height = myXML.@THUMB_HEIGHT;			thumbs_x = myXML.@THUMBS_X;			thumbs_y = myXML.@THUMBS_Y;						covers_width = myXML.@COVERS_WIDTH;			covers_height = myXML.@COVERS_HEIGHT;			covers_x = myXML.@COVERS_X;			covers_y = myXML.@COVERS_Y;						video_x = myXML.@VIDEO_X;			video_y = myXML.@VIDEO_Y;			my_videos = myXML.VIDEO;			my_total = my_videos.length();					trace(myXML.@TITLE);						makeContainers();  			callThumbs();					makePlayer();			callTitle();		}						function linkToSrsPg(e:MouseEvent):void{						navigateToURL(new URLRequest("http://www.kidscanpress.com/US/CitizenKid-C2539.aspx?section=5&series=2"));						var mySelection:String = new String;			mySelection = e.target.name;  			tracker.trackPageview ("seriesLink = " + mySelection);  		}				function clickBuy(e:MouseEvent){			navigateToURL(new URLRequest("http://www.kidscanpress.com/US/How-to-Build-Your-Own-Country-P3151.aspx"));						var mySelection:String = new String;			mySelection = e.target.name;  			tracker.trackPageview ("seriesLink = " + mySelection);  		}				function makeContainers():void{			main_container = new Sprite();			addChild(main_container);						thumbs = new Sprite();			thumbs.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playVideo);					thumbs.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, onOver);			thumbs.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, onOut);			thumbs.x = thumbs_x;			thumbs.y = thumbs_y;			thumbs.buttonMode = true;			main_container.addChild(thumbs);						titles = new Sprite();			titles.x = thumbs_x;			titles.y = thumbs_y;			main_container.addChild(titles);					header = new Sprite();			header.x = 0;			header.y = 0;			main_container.addChild(header);						cover = new Sprite();			cover.x = covers_x;			cover.y = covers_y;			main_container.addChild(cover);						trace("my Child");		}				function callThumbs():void{						for (var i:Number = 0; i < my_total; i++){				var thumb_url = my_videos[i].@THUMB;				var thumb_loader = new Loader();				thumb_loader.name = i;				thumb_loader.load(new URLRequest(thumb_url));				thumb_loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, thumbLoaded);							thumb_loader.y = 100+10;//distribution of thumbs				thumb_loader.y = (thumb_height+25)*i;//space between thumbs								var cover_url = my_videos[1].@COVER;				var cover_loader = new Loader();				cover_loader.load(new URLRequest(cover_url));				cover_loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, coverLoaded);							cover_loader.y = covers_height;								var thumb_title = my_videos[0].@TITLE;//adding thumb titles				var title_txt:TextField = new TextField();				title_txt.text = thumb_title;				title_txt.background = true;				title_txt.backgroundColor = 0xffffff;				title_txt.height = 40;				title_txt.y = thumb_loader.y + title_txt.height + 45;				//title_txt.x = thumb_width + 10; //MOVES TEXT FIELD ALONG X AXIS				title_txt.width = thumb_width;				title_txt.wordWrap = true;				titles.addChild(title_txt);							}		}				function callTitle():void{						var myFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();			myFormat.size = 18;			myFormat.font = "Helvetica";			myFormat.bold = true;						var main_title = my_videos[i].@TITLE;//adding  titles			var header_txt:TextField = new TextField();			header_txt.text = main_title;			header_txt.y = 15;			header_txt.x = 20;			header_txt.textColor = 0xFFFFFF;			header_txt.width = 800;			header_txt.height = 30;							header_txt.setTextFormat(myFormat);  			addChild(header_txt);					}						function thumbLoaded(e:Event):void{			var my_thumb:Loader = Loader(e.target.loader);			thumbs.addChild(my_thumb);		}						function coverLoaded(e:Event):void{			var my_cover:Loader = Loader(e.target.loader);			cover.addChild(my_cover);		}						function makePlayer():void{			my_player = new FLVPlayback();			my_player.skin = "SkinUnderPlaySeekStop.swf";			my_player.skinBackgroundColor = 0xAEBEFB;			my_player.skinBackgroundAlpha = 0.5;						my_player.x = video_x - 140;			my_player.y = video_y;			my_player.width = 460;			my_player.height = 340;						my_player.source = my_videos[0].@URL;									my_player.autoPlay = true;						main_container.addChild(my_player);			  		}						function playVideo(event:MouseEvent):void{						var video_url = my_videos[event.target.name].@URL;			my_player.source = video_url;						my_player.seek(0);		}						function onOver (e:MouseEvent):void{			var my_thumb:Loader = Loader(e.target);			my_thumb.alpha = 0.7;		}				function onOut (e:MouseEvent):void{			var my_thumb:Loader = Loader (e.target);			my_thumb.alpha = 1;		}			}}

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