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read multiple database table at once

Guest athen_12

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Guest athen_12

hi, i am trying to create an asp search from database tables. just for an instance a thought came in my mind whether it is possible to collect data from different table at one call.there are table1, table2 and table3 which has several columns.what im doing issql="select * from table1 where cust_id like '"& uid &"%' and gender='"& gender &"' or first_name like '"& fname &"%' and gender='"& gender &"' order by id desc;"it searches only from 1 table. this is working well and does a perfect search. now i wish to add another criteria e.g. age which is in the table table2. well i can also put age column in table2 but just for example. so is it possible some how to fit this criteria in my above sql?i will be very thankful to you :)

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