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Here is the scenario… I have been a long time web designer in HTML but also worked with PHP in IPB Skin designs. I recently changed my hosting to include Host Reseller; The Default Web pages are in PHP and in dire need of rework. I have redesigned and updated the whole site and now I am integrating my Computer Services site into the hosting site and it is going extremely well at this point. Even for a PHP fetus like me. After everything is set to go live I will be adding and skinning the forum as well.Now the dilemma starts here… Bookmarks… If you go to http://gilbertsonenterprises.com/temp/about.php drop down to Custom Computers vs. Mass Produced and click on (Read More)You will come to http://gilbertsonenterprises.com/temp/facts.php/#facts_2. The document target comes up in the right spot but the page is not recognizing the Style sheet, the PHP inclusions for the header.php, navbar.php, features.php and so on. It is also missing the graphics.These are the anchors I am using:About.php at (Read More)…

<a target="right" href="facts.php\#facts_2">(Read More)</a>

Facts.php target document…

 <a name="facts_2">

I have also tried

<a name="#facts_2">

and get the same white page.Where and what am I missing here… I feel the answer is so close that if it grew teeth I’d be bitten by now…Thanks The Woodsman

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Yes, but why do you have a slash there at all? Why not just:

<a target="right" href="facts.php#facts_2">(Read More)</a>

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Why do you have the extra slash after facts.php?
Thanks Synook,After reading your comment and fixing my error just to remove it again after you got me thinking hmmmm What can it hurt...Thanks now I can go on to getting things done.... LOL!!!The Woodsman
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