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ROI of supporting handheld devices

Guest dennis_p@pacbell.net

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Guest dennis_p@pacbell.net

Hello all:I love handhelds, but wish more web sites supported them. Including the one I work for.I am gradually converting our code to use more CSS, and I want to convince my boss we should accelerate this to capture more visitors in growing areas like mobile devices (BlackBerrys, Palms, iPaqs, SmartPhones, etc.). But we have this thing called "prioritization," and unless I can justify the work with a high-enough ROI (return on investment), it won't happen.I have been looking for good statistics on mobile traffic in my not-so-ample spare time for several weeks, with little success. Our own web logs show way less than 1% of our visitors using what I can verify as a mobile device.I am hoping some of you have found better info than I have that I can show my boss so this work can get the attention it deserves, or will some day deserve.TIA!

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