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Apache/XForms and Schema Access

Guest bladerunner

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Guest bladerunner

Not sure if this belongs in the XML forum or not, but just thought I'd give it a shot. I'm currently working on an XForms project and we are retrieving our form content from a database via a PHP page that basically acts as a data access layer. I have all of our XForms prototype pages running in the web directory for PHP.Now, some pages I have updated to get data from the database. Others are simply pulling their data from a sample XML instance document. What I've noticed is that every page that makes only one reference to a schema (in the schema attribute of the xf:model tag in this case) works. These pages will pull data from the database or from their sample instance documents accordingly.The problem is that every page that makes more than one reference, for example where there is an <xf:instance src.....> tag with a reference to the same schema that is referenced in the model tag, does not work. The reason behind making an instance of the schema is so that we can find enumerations defined in the schema to populate things like dropdown boxes.I've been told of two possible solutions. 1) use two different sets of schemas in these pages, or 2) put all of the schemas into the database and get the schemas from there when the user comes to the page. For now, option 1 seems to be easier, but I can't get it to work. I made a copy of my current schemas directory and simply changed one of the references on the pages to point to the other schemas directory, but this isn't fixing the issue. I've also been told that this is an issue where Apache is not allowing a page to access the same schema more than once.I doubt I will get much response, given that no one uses XForms lol, but just thought I would see if anyone had any thoughts?

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