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loading individual flv's into one FLVPlayer.swf?


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Hey Folks,I'm working on my site, I'm an actor, and I have several short clips I'd like to be able to show on my reel.html page. All the shorts were edited using "Adobe Premiere 6.0" and then converted to flv's using "Free FLV Converter - Tube Finder ver. 6.7.7"; not the best quality but will have to do for now.I don't have the cool Adobe Creative Suite or the latest version of Premier and the version of Flash I do have is MX 6.0 so that won't help me.Using the free converter I'm able to generate individual FLVPlayer.swf and flv's for each video, which if it comes to it I'll use but I would like to be able to have one page (reel.html or videos.html) and have onclick events on images for each video that will load the corresponding video into the one FLVPlayer.swf player.Can anyone point me in the right direction? I guess what I'm looking at is how to code the image links so I can load each video into the one FLVPlayer.I've seen several online how to tutorials but all of them, so far, have been similar to what I'm able to do with the current software I have; one FLVPlayer.swf per video, or they've been on the SWFObjectPeace,Elemental

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