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now I'm really confused

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I installed this web developer toolbar as a Firefox add on. But it's identifying errors that don't exist in my code at all. Heck, it's identifying errors on THIS page.Error: Permission denied for <http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net> to call method Location.toString on <http://w3schools.invisionzone.com>.How and why is this happening? I had a computer virus a few weeks ago ... I thought I'd cleaned the whole thing off my computer ... but is this possibly some leftover malware?

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There are errors on most complicated and sophisticated websites. Amazon has nearly 1000 errors and half again as many warnings. Some things work on some browsers and some things don't; some things affect the content and some don't. There are errors you can live with and those you can't. But validation is a factor in SEO, so it's a definite boon to a small website to validate. For the bigger sites that everyone knows by name and have already earned the top slot on google, it's not an issue anymore so they sacrifice standards for solutions. If you have a huge team of developers and content editors, there will be clashes and maintaining standards is probably nearly impossible all the time.

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