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Ok here's the problem. I am trying to make a model object for my system. I'm trying to work step by step so things like a registerclass and a controller etc are not yet implemented. First of all the procedural code:

<?phperror_reporting(E_ALL);$included = true;//configuration globals//This will be arranged by the registry object later on$host			= "localhost";$username		= "root";$password		= "";$database		= "core";$dbprefix		= 'core';//Load classfilesinclude('classes/class_database.php');include('classes/class_module.php');include('classes/class_layout.php');include('classes/class_model.php');//Start database connection$db = new database($host, $username, $password, $database);//The container object is an extention of the module object. It loads files and returns its output//In this case it loads the template and returns its html$template = new container('themes/Redroest/layout.php', '', 'layout');//The template html will be stored in the template object to insert containers that load later on$layout = new layout($template->getBody());//The model will load moduleinfo from the database using query's//To switch to another storage type just change this model$model = new dbModule($db);//The model contains a method to load all the requested modules//If no condition is set it will load the home module + the blocks using 'WHERE home=1 OR blockMode=1';$model->condition = 'WHERE moduleID=13 OR blockMode=1';$model->getModules();//Output the final layoytecho $layout->getLayout();

Second is my model. This is where it goes wrong. The model contains a query that loads the modules using a while loop. My goal is to process these modules using my moduleclass without writing them in my model. This should be controlled using the controller....??? I inserted my situation in the code, I hope to get a solution or another approach to solve this problem.

<?phpclass publicModel{	private $db;		function __construct(database $db)	{	  //Check if the database connection exists	  if($db->ping())		{		  $this->db = $db;		}			  }	//Load a default condition when no condition is set	public function __get($value)	{	if(!isset($this->condition))		{		  $this->condition = 'WHERE home=1 OR blockMode=1';		}	}	//Load all required modules  public function getModules()  {			  $sql = 'SELECT * FROM core_modules '.$this->condition;	if(!$ModuleQuery = $this->db->query($sql))	{		  //I know I know, this should be an exeption	  trigger_error('Error in the modulequery: '.$this->db->error);	}	else	{	  //$modules = array();	  while($ResultModule = $ModuleQuery->fetch_assoc()) 	  {		//This is where it goes wrong..... I can push the modules into another array and return it 				//but this requires me to make another loop in for example my controller object to load them 				//into containers and to push them into a layout.								 //Load a new module object		  $modules[$ResultModule['moduleID']] = new container('Modules/'.$ResultModule['controllerFile'], 'Modules/'.$ResultModule['headerFile'], $ResultModule['title']);		//Set the layout for the module			$modules[$ResultModule['moduleID']]->setLayout('themes/Redroest/'.$ResultModule['layoutFile']);			//get the final output marked up with layout			$container = $modules[$ResultModule['moduleID']]->getOutput();			//Insert the container into the layout			$layout->setContainer($ResultModule['positionTag'], $container);		}	} 	}}		?>

Help me on this please. I spend some hours trying to solve this puzzle, but couldn't find any usable examples

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