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Changing Background Images


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Guys, could you help me with this?I have this habit of trying out multiple background image in a webpage i am creating, seeing if which background image work best with the page. I am creating a function which i could simply add to any webpage that would dynamically change the background once i click on a thumbnail image.Heres how i want it somehow to work:There would be a folder where i would simply add my background-images. These images would then be displayed in thumbnail size on top of the page i am testing. Once i click on an image, it would automatically change the background-image to the image i clicked. Sort of changing background-colors, but only using images instead. And also, i want it to be automatically displaying images i added/removed from the background images folder. Meaning, i dont have to edit the code anymore, i would just simply add new or delete some images, and the function will only show images available in the folder.And heres how i did it.I used two files. list.txt and index.php.Firstly, everytime a user opens index.php a switch function is written to the text file similar to this:

switch ($x){case 'bg001.jpg':echo'<body background=bg/bg001.jpg ></body>';break;case 'bg002.jpg':echo'<body background=bg/bg002.jpg ></body>';break;}

The list.txt is re-written everytime the page is refreshed.Then i would include list.txt in index.phpafter that, the function would automatically echo links for the images similar to this:

<a href=index.php?link=bg001.jpg><img width=20 height=20 border=0 src=bg/bg001.jpg></a><a href=index.php?link=bg002.jpg><img width=20 height=20 border=0 src=bg/bg002.jpg></a>

So everytime i click on the link the background image changed to the image i clicked/selected.It worked fine. but how can i eliminate list.txt? :) I am apparently new/beginner to php. I'm still learning it. please be nice. Is there something wrong with how i wrote the code?

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here's a quick example of how I'd do it:

<body style="background-image: url('myBGdir/<?=$bg?>');"><?php//this will put all the filenames in the directory into the variable as an array$files=glob("myBGdir/".*);//go through the array and make thumbnails accordinglyfor($i=0;$i<count($files);$i++){echo "<a href='?bg={$files[i]}'><img width='50' height='50' src='{$files[i]}'></a>";}?>

The code was written on the spot and might have some errors, but it should work, and you don't need to edit any files with php!

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