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padding is moving everything

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I'm trying to make a footer DIV that will hold a bunch of info at the bottom of my page, so I didn't have to use another table. I have an image as the background and I started to put in content (a search box). When I add padding to the top the search box moves down, as expected. However, when I try to add padding to the left side, a bunch of the page above ends up sliding right. The DIV id is #footer and the page as it is has some top padding, but no left padding. Do I need to clear something somehow to keep the left padding from affecting the rest of the page? Thanks!The page

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it appears that as you increase the padding, the width of the footer will also grow, as it has a defined width, and as such it will shift contents within the container. To correct, this, just offset the footer width by whatever left padding you give it. So if your footer is 960px, and you give it 60px of left padding, then change the footer width to 900px.

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