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javascript and jquery

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hello, im using ajax to display random posts, that means: after 15 seconds post is auto changed to other random post.i want that each random post will be displayed designedly, the design method im using is jqeury. in jquery there is function to load the pagemore beautiful than normal, this is the function:

<script>$(document).ready(function(){ $('#page_effect').fadeIn(2000); });</script>
this code takes div with display none and make it block by fades in, of 2 seconds.i play the function that displays the posts with settimeout function, and if i code jquery inside the page that transfered with ajax to the main div,in the main page, the jquery wont works. it works and display it nice with fades in only if i load the page by myself and directedly. does someon know how to load the ajax page, or maybe insert the jquery so it will works?oh, and im also looking for nice page loads with jquery, to load random posts dynamicly.thanks for help Edited by rjy9aen2
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