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Efficient database select (MVC)


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Hey people. Im stuck again.I am building a framework based on the Model View Controller principe. My model has an query function like below:

<?php	//Load all default modules   public function getBlockModules()  {			  $sql = 'SELECT * FROM core_modules WHERE blockMode=1';	if(!$ModuleQuery = $this->db->query($sql))	{	  trigger_error('Error in the modulequery: '.$this->db->error);	}	else	{		  $rows = array();		  while($row = $ModuleQuery->fetch_object()) 	  {			  $rows[] = $row;			}			return $rows;	} 	}?>

And my controller function to retreive data looks like this:

<?php	  //Load all blocks	  $modules = $this->Model->getBlockModules();	foreach($modules AS $property)	{		//Load module into the view object			$this->View->setContainer('modules/'.$property->controllerFile, 'modules/'.$property->headerFile, 'themes/Redroest/'.$property->layoutFile, $property->title, $property->positionTag);		}	}?>

As you can see, I need 2 loops in order to keep the data separated from the logic part. Is there a way to prevent multiple loops from happening and still keeping the logics separated?

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