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First site I've done/WIP

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Well is a full website I am working. Is for a friend, and asked me to do a website for her. I have been studying web design/programming for about 6 months now and I am starting to feel a little confident on my work(the only areas I know completely by heart is HTML,XHTML,CSS). I would like some criticism cuz being the amateur I am, I know I am doing mistakes and stuff that does not looks at a professional level. Go crazy with criticism, my motto for critiques is the harshier the better lol. Anyways here's the link:http://yarlexrealty.0sites.net/ Cheers and thanx =]****EDIT: BTW, I know that some pages don't validate. I am still working on them

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Looks professional but it's just not there yet.

  • The gradient in the header transitions too quickly at the middle. Make it a more subtle and smooth gradient
  • The logo is pixelated and is noticeable immediately because it makes it pop out unnaturally from it's background
  • Change the text to something more formal. Times New Roman is very ugly (especially in the flash)
  • Put the agent login at the bottom and the news up closer to the top
  • Use a color scheme less... grey. Try using a cream-coffee scheme like this (http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com/preview/architecture/)

I think most of your layout issues is that nothing seems to follow a pattern. You try something new with every block. For example, the new listing section is just empty white space while the quick property search goes off to a hard-black with awkward gradient rounded rectangle. Try this color scheme-

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