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XML to XSLT inference tool

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What is that supposed to mean?XSLT is used to convert one XML to any other. There's no generic pattern that a program can extract from an XML file, even assuming it knew the targeted XML language.There are some programs that convert a specific language to a specific other language, but those are usually not done in XSLT, or are done with a custom XSLT which you can't access. There are exceptions of course - there's this XSDtoRNG convertion XSLT, but that XSLT was not generated - it was carefully crafted thanks to the author's knowledge of both XSD and RNG.If there is a direct 1:1 mapping from your XML to the target XML, you can use for example StylusStudio, with their XSLT Mapper tool - it generates XSLT based on the mappings you tell it within a GUI.

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