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schema for complex xml

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My problem is to define a schema for a file like:

<Root>  <Elemant1/>  <Elemant2/>  <Elemant3/>  <Elemant3/>  <Elemant2/>  <!--optional<ElemantX/>-->  <Elemant3/>  <Elemant4/></Root>

my problem is the repeating of elements and the optional elements.I tried the following schema:

...<sequence minOccurs=0 maxOccurs=unbound>  <Elemant1/>  <Elemant2/>  <Elemant3/>  <ElemantX/>  <Elemant4/></sequence>...

but now the order is fix, if I use <all> I can't define more than one occurance of an element.Thanks for Help

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Thats right, but now you can only have one item of each sort. And that exactly is my problem, would need a coice where each item can appear more than one time.Thanks for trying !

i'm new at this, but i believe if you do something like this:
<sequence><choice maxOccurs="unbounded"><Elemant1/> <Elemant2/> <Elemant3/> <ElemantX/> <Elemant4/></choice></sequence>

that should allow multiple elements in any order.see this topic:http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1828

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