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Jack McKalling

Forum copyright?

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No of cource not. I don't mind websites taking my posts, it's my name that was in it.I am glad that my name is an alias in the first place, but it just doesn't feel right that it appears on a site that I've never visited.
I think it's ironic that that's coming from someone who took over someone else's account and now has their name attached to posts that they didn't write. That used to be Dan's account, right?

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You're right about the origin of this account, did you remember that? But you're slightly inaccurate about the irony part. We had an aggreement that I should take over all of his work and memberships, and continue on his ideas for a website. I quite did not force it, in fact, I was given permission. This was all a long time ago though, long before the post you refer to.It may seem a little confusing, I understand. But I don't really want to talk about the origin. I'm the only one now, and anything that has recently come up as one of my threads is in fact really mine. I wouldn't have posted my alias name in that post though, if I knew it would be used elsewhere. I should have thought about that better then. It is much more about the history of the name that I invented rather than the post it is in.I feel some of you don't understand or share the same value as I do, and I respect that. I don't need to persuit this further if I don't want to, but please do understand that there is thus more to the name than initially obvious. I chose an alias because of the same reason why the original owner requested my intervention in the first place. So I do feel bound to protect it.*Edit:I'll just remove my name there to prevent any further mishaps.

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