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Huge problems when migrating to Linux hosting

Guest quaero

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Hi, I have a 2. huge problems when migrating to Linux hosting. 1. problem: contact form I have an action script writen with this logic: when you press send and if all the fields are empty, java script opens up and says: Please fill all the fields, if you dont have @ in your filed for email, it says: Plese edit your mail when you insert all the filds and press send, java says: Message send - this worked fine on Windows hosting - with Linux hosting this also works... with one problem: ->when you press send and even if java says Please fill all the fields or Please edit your mail, the message is send to email adress with emty fields --> the php script for sending is set like: when you insert your name it send an email sender with that name... but when the fields are empty the sender is ME, my username on my hosting server Please advise me what to do... I can paste the code AS2 and php if someone would like to see... 2. problem: one of my pages suddenly stops at loader the flash page I have, works fine localy, worked fine on Win. hosting, but on Linux hosting it stops with loader. Maybe there is something wrong with written code... can somebody look it up... For help and comments I am thankfull in advance...

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