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HiI use an existing norm xml-file. One of the elements defines as a complex type with an attribute which values are describe in a list as restriction, see example:

<xs:element name="Einheit">  <xs:complexType>    <xs:simpleContent>      <xs:extension base="xs:string">        <xs:attribute name="Code" use="optional">	<xs:simpleType>	  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">	    <xs:enumeration value="PCE"/>	    <xs:enumeration value="MTR"/>	  </xs:restriction>            </xs:simpleType>          </xs:attribute>        </xs:extension>       </xs:simpleContent>     </xs:complexType></xs:element>

The goal is to define the element field (Einheit) with a list of enumeration as restriction equal the definition to the attribute (Code). Is this possible at all?Please consider that the structure of the xml File can't be changed.Thanks.

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