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Match all function names


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I'm working on a syntax highlighter. I've got almost everything working except for the function names getting highlighted.

preg_replace('/\b([a-z0-9_].*?)(?=( )?\()/i', '<span class="function_name">$1</span>', $txt);

It works for stand-alone functions such as...

{myfunction} ();

But once you add anything before it, that is matched as well:

{echo myFunction}();

What's wrong with my RegEx?P.S. the curly braces represent the matched area.

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Thanks! That fixed it. Often, when writing regular expressions, I get stuck in a rut thinking one particular thing is wrong. In this case, I was thinking something was wrong with the lookahead/lookbehind assertions, when it really was just a simple little metacharacter causing the problems.

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