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Type mismatch: 'CLng'


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hi guys.. i got his Type mismatch error..Type mismatch: 'CLng' :) here's half the code...

              If Trim(RstINVENCode(0)) = "123" Then             INCode = ITEMCODE & "-" & YR & "0001"         Else          ICode = RstINVENCode(0)             strIC = Mid(ICode,13,7)             strcode = Mid(strIC, 3, 4)             strcode = CLng(strcode) + 1                          OLDYear = cstr(Mid(strIC, 1, 2))                          if (clng(OLDYear)+1) =  clng(YR)  then    	strcode = "0001"        	strcode = Clng(strcode)             end if                      

The error is in this code line: strcode = CLng(strcode) + 1Anyone willing to help?

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