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Schema Conversion - Global to Anonymous

Guest AlanMcF

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Guest AlanMcF

I am working with a HUD HMIS Schema that has a "global" layout,meaning that the first element has a type attribute that points to acomplex type defined somewhere below. In fact there is an alphabeticallist of complex types.I need to find a way to convert this XSD to an "anonymous in-line"type of XSD, meaning the elements are in a tree arrangement in justthe same order as the final XML will be. I can do it crudely using aDOM/SOM and "walking" it with my own logic... But just as soon as Iget it working, HUD adds some new complex twist. P.S. It also has asINCLUDE of a second XSD.With an anonymous XSD I have VFP routines to easily data drive my XMLcreation. This thing is driving me crazy.Thanks, Alan

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