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Set focus to a text field after refresh

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Good Day and Happy New Year. I'm trying to set the focus to a text field with this code:<body onLoad="document.formname.fieldname.focus();"> // (sorry, inserting the Codebox generated Invalid Argument in ips_text_editor.js.)<A name=OLE_LINK1>It kind of works! The focus is in the field, but not the cursor. That is, I don't see the I-beam in the field, but when I type a value, it appears there.The value entered in the field is then used to search for a database by clicking a button.And now the questions:1. Why is the cursor not blinking in the field although it has the focus?2. If the search returns a value (it is displayed outside of the field), the focus is lost. I tried putting the same code as above in the onClick event of the button, something like this:<input type="button" onClick="doWork();"><script> function doWork () { do the search; document.formname.fieldname.focus(); } </script> The script is within the <head> tags. The search works, but the focus is not set back to the field. How can I re-set the focus?3. If the page is reloaded, the focus is lost. Again, how to re-set it to the filed. Thank you for your help.

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