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Choosen option doesn't remain selected in dropmenu


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This is working, but the choosen option doesn't remain selected.<body><form action="" method="post"><select name="Frog" onchange="this.form.submit()"> <option value="20" selected="selected">20 x 10 cm</option> <option value="25">25 x 12 cm</option> <option value="30">30 x 15 cm</option> <option value="35">35 x 17 cm</option> <option value="40">40 x 20 cm</option> <option value="45">45 x 22 cm</option> <option value="50">50 x 25 cm</option></select></form>

<%Dim VerzendkostVerzendkost=Request.Form("Frog")If Verzendkost < 35 ThenResponse.Write("1,40")ElseIf Verzendkost = 35 ThenResponse.Write("2,80")ElseIf Verzendkost = 40 ThenResponse.Write("2,80")ElseIf Verzendkost >40 ThenResponse.Write("5,90")End If%>


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