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Locally Unique?

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Hi all;I am trying to get straight the unique and key elements for XML Schema,especially with regards to the selector and field elements within.I'm unclear about selectors and fields, and I need to get this straight.Suppose I had an XML file with companies listed within functional groups.I have an element within each group with a unique field (to referenceeach particular group).I want to create a unique field within each company listing withineach group that would be unique only within that particular group.Would this be correct?:

		<xs:unique id="company_group_refs" name="company_group_refs">			<xs:selector xpath="root/all_companies/company_group"/>			<xs:field xpath="company_group_ref"/>		</xs:unique>		<xs:unique id="company_refs" name="company_refs">			<xs:selector xpath="root/all_companies/company_group"/>			<xs:field xpath="company/company_ref"/>		</xs:unique>

If so, could I condense the above to this?:

		<xs:unique id="company_refs" name="company_refs">			<xs:selector xpath="root/all_companies/company_group"/>			<xs:field xpath="company_group_ref"/>			<xs:field xpath="company/company_ref"/>		</xs:unique>

To reference any company name in particular, I want to be able togive an XPath expression like this: root/all_companies/company_group[company_group_ref=x1]/company[company_ref=x2]/nameWhere: x1 = the unique reference for the company group. x2 = the unique reference for the company within that group.What follows is an XML file excerpt that exemplifies this scenario:

	<all_companies>		<company_group>			<company_group_name>Cleaning</company_group_name>			<company_group_ref>1</company_group_ref>			<company>				<name>Ajax</name>				<company_ref>1</company_ref>			</company>			<company>				<name>Bloomburg</name>				<company_ref>2</company_ref>			</company>			<company>				<name>Morris</name>				<company_ref>3</company_ref>			</company>		</company_group>		<company_group>			<company_group_name>Electrical</company_group_name>			<company_group_ref>2</company_group_ref>			<company>				<name>Armstrong</name>				<company_ref>1</company_ref>			</company>			<company>				<name>Bloomburg</name>				<company_ref>2</company_ref>			</company>			<company>				<name>Zap Electrical</name>				<company_ref>3</company_ref>			</company>			<company>				<name>Morris</name>				<company_ref>4</company_ref>			</company>		</company_group>	</all_companies>


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