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Automatic Listing of new/related articles on Website


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Hi,I want to migrate my site from Blogger to a paid host.On blogger, everything was getting published as a "blogpost" with labels (tags)After migration, I want to maintain all the blogposts as static HTML webpages (I have the HTML code for all my blogposts).Now, what I need is as follows:1) I want to get the "Related Posts" links in a given page. In Blogger, it was easy to use a javascript, which was based on a "label". The javascript will pull all the related posts containing that label.Is there a way to insert "tags" or "labels" in HTML pages? If so, what HTML (or CSS/any other HTML compatible code) can I use to generate a list of such "Related Articles"Any help will be greatly appreciated. Is there any readymade template available which can do this? (Only in HTML page format, I dont want to go with Wordpress or Blogger templates)Thanks,

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