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Need help formatting a multi-dimensional array result

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Hey everyone, I have an array result that I am having a difficult time formatting to a more human-readable format.Here is the an example, it came from an LDAP query:

array(2) {  ["uid=tthompson,ou=People,dc=abc,dc=com"]=>  array(7) {	["logintimeremaining"]=>	string(1) "2"	["account"]=>	string(15) "left/2008-05-10"	["department"]=>	string(22) "Specialty Pool"	["affiliation"]=>	string(15) "former-it"	["displayname"]=>	string(13) "Tom Thompson"	["mail"]=>	string(16) "tthompson@abc.com"	["uid"]=>	string(8) "tthompson"  } ["uid=ttomlin,ou=People,dc=abc,dc=com"]=>  array(9) {	["pwdchanged"]=>	string(15) "20101015153716Z"	["logintimeremaining"]=>	string(1) "2"	["passwordexpiration"]=>	string(15) "20111015153716Z"	["locked"]=>	string(5) "FALSE"	["department"]=>	string(7) "Requisitions"	["affiliation"]=>	string(7) "faculty"	["displayname"]=>	string(20) "Mr. Tom Tomlin"	["mail"]=>	string(15) "ttomlin@abc.com"	["uid"]=>	string(7) "ttomlin"  }}

The end user won't care for the length of the strings, or the top level key/values. Can any array wizards give this a look? Thanks.

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How do you want it present it to them? As an array, or are you trying to present it them on a webpage? Which part are you interested in? Using a foreach loop should give you access to any key or value you need. From there you can do whatever you want.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm not really worried about any HTML formatting besides line breaks. It can be very rudimentary, for instance this would certainly suffice:

["logintimeremaining"]=> "2"["account"]=> "left/2008-05-10"["department"]=> "Specialty Pool"

etc.I just can't seem to figure out how to arrange my loop to only print out the relevant key/value pairs. Also, I didn't mentioned before but the previous example was formatted with <pre> tags; otherwise it just outputs as a normal array dump style.

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Use print_r instead of var_dump.echo "<pre>".print_r($tmpArray, true)."</pre>";EDIT:Or if you don't want the top level arrays you could do a nested foreach loop. Something like:

foreach($tmpArray as $subArray) {   foreach($subArray as $Key => $Value) {	  echo $Key." => ".$Value."<br />";   }   echo "<br />";}

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