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mp3 plays when testing locally, downloads on site


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Hi,I have some mp3's on a page. I do not really want to embed a player in the page but I want people to be able to stop the audio.So I open a new window from a link and let the browser launch a helper app.This works fine locally but when I test it online the new window launches and the mp3 downloads instead of playing.I use a simple javascript to launch and size the new window, I have included it but do not think it is the problem.I have a page here for testing, all of the links point to the same mp3 file at the moment. http://museum.spps.org/pop_up_audio.htmlTo launch the window and play the mp3

<a href="uploads/2ndGraders.mp3" onclick="wopen('uploads/2ndGraders.mp3', 'popup', 350, 150); return false;" target="popup">2nd Graders talk about Museum Magnet</a>

this is the javascript for launching the new browser window

<script><!--function wopen(url, name, w, h){// Fudge factors for window decoration space. // In my tests these work well on all platforms & browsers.w += 32;h += 96; var win = window.open(url,  name,   'width=' + w + ', height=' + h + ', ' +  'location=no, menubar=no, ' +  'status=no, toolbar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no'); win.resizeTo(w, h); win.focus();}// --></script>

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Change of plan!! Well 2nd plan that might work. Solution to this or the one above would be finehttp://museum.spps.org/audio_testing.htmlUsing this script

<script>function EvalSound(soundobj) {  var thissound=document.getElementById(soundobj);  thissound.Play();}function EndSound(soundobj) {  var thissound=document.getElementById(soundobj);  thissound.Stop();}</script>

embedding my sounds like this

<embed src="2ndGraders.mp3" autostart=false width=0 height=0 id="sound1"enablejavascript="true"></embed>

then starting and stopping the sound like this with image buttons

<div class="audio-list"><INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="images/microphone-icon-64.jpg"ALT="PLay Sound" NAME="Play sound" onClick="EvalSound('sound1')"><INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="images/microphone-icon-64.jpg"ALT="Stop Sound" NAME="Stop Sound"  onClick="EndSound('sound1')">2nd Graders talk about Museum Magnet</div>

I get something that works pretty well by changing to playing the audio in the page and supplying controls. 3 issues though.1. Audio plays for a second after you click then stops, click fast and furious and it keeps going. This does not happen when testing locally.2.How can I have the microphone image be a sprite with 2 states that swap when it is clicked?3.How can I get the text to be aligned with the middle of the microphone image?thanksMark

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