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Website Background 1366 x 768

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Hi there,I'm very new to the world of graphic design and all that.Most tutorials I've come across deal with lower screen resolutions than my computer uses (as stated in the title), so I was wondering what the best practices are for dealing with screen sizes like I have? I've tried backgrounds in Photoshop 1 pixels x 1 pixels, but it's really small to see so I can't do any proper work with it. Would another option be to create a background for every screen resolution out there and use JavaScript to detect the user's screen size?ThanksDouglas

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it depends. you could create a main graphical image to line up with main content on your site, say centered in the middle of the page. On the left and right hand side, you could have the main image slowly degrade into something repeatable, so that you could have fluid left and right columns and just repeat a gradient like pattern that will repeat as needed to fill out the extra screen space. For the height, you could just have the images and the flared out left/right columns slowly fade down to a certain color and then set that color to the background of the <body> tag, so where the images end, the background color will compensate/fill out the rest of the page.

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Most people use a gradient or something that they can repeat across the background. They are simple but can provide a nice detail to the page. It also allows for a smaller file-size since your image only has to be so tall/wide and repeat it horizontally/vertically. If you are using an actual image, I would size it so that it fits within a 960px wide screen. This will assure you that people with a low resolution like 1024x768 will be able to still see it.

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